horizontal rule to break up content in markdown

Any one of triple - or * or _ becomes an <hr> in the DOM.

Came across a useful tag, the horizontal rule, while seeking a way to break up text on my personal landing page.

The limitation is that I be able to use markdown, and I can't use empty lines.

In markdown, any one of triple - or * or _ becomes an <hr> tag in the DOM.




The <hr> tag has an implicit ARIA role as Separator. Until I learn otherwise, that seems ok a11y-wise to me as a way to break up the intended content.

MDN indicates that the thematic break created by the <hr> tag is now defined in semantic terms, rather than the historical visual separation. This is perfect, as I do want to break up the list items displayed into separate meaningful groups.

The resulting effect, using <hr> tags, is satisfactory.



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